Did you know that Periscope is the hot new social network on everybody’s lips at this time. The application, which is owned by Twitter, permits clients to stream and watch live feature shows.

In the event that you haven’t jumped on board with Periscope yet, I urge you to sign up and begin watching telecasts to check whether it could work for you. Huge amounts of individuals everywhere throughout the world are using Periscope for business, and you can as well!

Today we should discuss how you can utilize Periscope to drive traffic to your website. Whether you are promoting a capture page, an item for sale, or simply need to drive traffic to your blog, Periscope can help you bring in the traffic.

Here are a couple tips to kick you off:

Put Your URL in Your Bio

After you make your record, verify that you fill in your bio. There is no space for a website link in your Periscope bio, so make a point to put your site URL in your bio.

Additionally include what you tend to scope about so individuals who are considering following you know whether your scopes will be interesting to them. Bear in mind to include a couple emojis also – Periscopers cherish their emojis!

Know Where You Need to Send Traffic

For every scope that you do, you ought to realize what your main suggestion to take action is for the scope and where you need individuals to go. Simply asking individuals to visit your website homepage to find out additional about you may get you some traffic, however it is not as compelling as having something particular you would like your viewers to go take a gander at, for example, a blog post or a free download.

A great many people have a particular topic or theme that they talk about on every scope. The more applicable your offer is to you’re point, the more probable it is that individuals will complete and visit the page that you need them to.

Perhaps you simply distributed a blog post with 3 magnificent tips. You could scope around one of the tips, and after that send them to the post to find out 2 more. Alternately perhaps you have an extraordinary new opt-in that you recently made that you need to begin collecting email leads with. You could scope about the same theme as your opt-in and after that urge individuals to download it to find out additional info.

Make a Simple to Recollect Page URL to promote.

There is no real way to post links on Periscope, so individuals need to recollect your URL and afterward go and sort it in their browser. In the event that the URL that you need to send individuals to is long or confounded, it’s going to be troublesome for them to recollect that. Make a page on your site with a straightforward, simple to recall URL.

Numerous scopers utilize the same page on their website to drive all their periscope traffic to, and they simply overhaul the page taking into account what they’ve scoped about as of date. So you could direct individuals to yourwebsite.com/periscope. This makes it truly simple for your consistent viewers to never forget where they can go to find more information.

Have the URL be seen

Since there is no real way to post a link to your viewers, you have to get inventive about how you are going to demonstrate your viewers the URL. Saying the URL so everyone can hear is not as significant as seeing it worked out, and having it composed likewise verifies that individuals know how to spell it legitimately.

It’s best to arrange for this ahead of time so you don’t wind up scrambling for some approach to get your link to them. In case you’re scoping at your work area, you can make a realistic that you show on your PC screen, or simply open up the site in your browser and demonstrate your viewers. Indeed, even simply writing it on a sticky note or whiteboard lives up to expectations – your viewers don’t anticipate that you will be great!

You can likewise have a go at asking the participants to sort the URL in the chat with the goal that others can perceive how it’s spelled.

Offer Value

If you truly need individuals to watch your scopes and afterward visit your website, the most ideal approach to do that is to simply impart value substance to your viewers. The best part about Periscope is being ready to associate with others in a genuine, legitimate manner and impart your insight to them. Make awesome scopes, and individuals will be inspired to go and visit your website to take in more about you and what you bring to the table.

Have you scoped yet? Have some Periscope advise?

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How To Get Leads Using Periscope