backlink checkerKnowing how critical backlinks for your internet site really are you currently may be considering checking how many backlinks you might have at any one time.

But may I offer a word to the wise? Do not let being cheap keep you broke. Meaning I’ll definitely help steer you to finding a free backlink checker here in this article but that really would possibly not be the best choice if you are totally serious about taking your business to a higher level fast. So let’s rap more about that now.

Finding a Free Backlink Checker

As you know, the most powerful way to generate more traffic to your web site or blog is to get it rank on the front page of the major search engines for keywords and phrases people use when searching for whatever it is you’re promoting. The key to ranking higher is to get backlinks to your made public content. So that the easiest way to find a free backlink checker is to simply visit your fave search engine and visit the sites that rank. But let’s save you the trouble. Here’s 1 or 2 resources you can check out now:

One totally free backlink checker is recognized as 1 limitation to this totally free service is that it only lets you check links on a primary domain.

Search engines rank pages not entire web sites and so every page actually is really a stand-alone listing in to it’s self. If there appears a as a search result it is in fact the index.html page that has the listing, and not the whole internet site it’s self. is a much more desirable complimentary backlink checker. It advises you the Google web page rank, the anchor content utilized to gain that ranking as well as other info such as any follow or no follow tags. With you are able to only explore one URL at a time although you can easily check out personal web pages as an alternative of merely the main domain.

As a warning, turn your pop-up blocker on when checking out this site otherwise all the marketing will certainly propel you bonkers.

After carrying out extensive inspection and seeking a really good free backlink checker we found that the bulk of them don’t literally function all that well. This has a ton to do by having Yahoo recently canceling their backlink monitoring service as well as however many of these websites do not function since they’re tied to Yahoo’s API.

Reasons for Employing a Free Backllink Checker

You can find two good factors to utilize a backlink checker – very first is to spy on your competition and obtain important insight that can support together with your own seo efforts and campaigns. Second is always to see if your backlinking tools are actually undertaking their job.

Either way, employing a one of these free services above might truly be counter-productive, here’s why:

Each free backlink checker that works only let’s you research one domain or one internet page at a time. If you are serious about discovering a way to beat the competitors you’ll need a fast, simple way to find out if there are any pockets of opportunity for you to gain a top ten spot on the front page of the major search engines. This suggests that you need to study all of the competition and by hand processing one url at a time is a waste of time.

Better is to use mass checker like Rank Tracker found in the Market Samurai product offered by Noble Samurai. Unlike employing a free backlink checker, you can research all your competition in seconds and keep a record of all your inward bound backlinks as well .

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Finding a Free Backlink Checker