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My name is Richard La Compte, I am an Internet Marketer, a Blogger and I just love helping people grow their Online Business.

This Blogsite is all about Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks and valuable informations to help you guys to be more successful with your online business.

Whether you are an Internet Marketer, Full Time or Part Time, A work at home Mom or Dad, or just trying to earn some extra cash online and especially if you are just starting with your Online Business… then you’re on the right place.

What you’ll find here are my original Blog Posts that focuses more on generating leads, building traffic to your websites and also recommendations to products that I personally use that are critical to the success of any online business.

So enjoy and I hope you find great value on my blogs.

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Top Free Internet Marketing Tools

top free internet marketing toolsThe free tools below are actual tools I use to build my business.
I don’t recommend tools I don’t actually use myself…

Password Vault – Last Pass

LastPass is a freemium password management service which stores encrypted passwords in the cloud. LastPass is standard with a web interface but also includes plugins and apps for many modern web browsers and includes support for bookmarklets.

Passwords in LastPass are protected by a master password, encrypted locally, and synchronized to any other browser. LastPass has a form filler that automates password entering and form filling. It also supports password generation, site sharing and site logging.

This tool has spared me so much time! Before you needed to recall each username and password you ever made, and throughout the last few years I have made more than 1,000 username and passwords! Stunning… So imagine in the event that I needed to recollect those or far and away more terrible consider the possibility that I utilized the same password for every one of them. One individual gets into your record they get ALL of them! Not an incredible thought! So Lastpass settles that! It’s a protected vault for your passwords that is not spared in your internet browser. Meets expectations incredible and lives up to expectations with all real Internet Browsers! Never forget a password again with this tool!

Click here to get your LastPass!


Convertonlinefree – Convert and edit any type of document easily! No downloads, 100% Free to Use.
This tool has helped me a lot specially when I’m creating ebooks for Free giveaways to my guest & clients.


My Free Lead System – FLS

Let’s face it, your online business is dead if you don’t have leads to turn into customers who buy your products or services. There are only two things you need to make money online. Products to sell and customers.

Now for the 1st time ever, there is something that has NEVER been done before which is to allow you to get a FREE Lead System! There’s NO cost to sign up and you can keep it FREE FOREVER!

free leads for life


Free Website or Blog – wordpress is the easiest way to create a free website or blog.
It’s a powerful hosting platform that grows with you.



Free Online Character & Word Count Tool – CharacterCountOnline


Free Powerpoint to Video Converter – zamzar

Have you ever wanted to convert your PowerPoint files to videos without the need to download software for free? This video converter has helped me a lot to post my blogs to youtube. What I do first is convert my blog to Powerpoint slides then using this tool to convert it to video for upload to youtube. Cool huh!

Free Powerpoint to Video Converter - Blogging with GoodBuddy


Free Video Distribution to 20 Video Sharing Sites – OneLoad

This free tool has saved me so much time in uploading my videos to multiple video sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, DailyMotion to name a few. You only need to upload your video once and OneLoad will deliver your video to 20 video sites at once.



That’s it for now! Return to this page regularly in light of the fact that the Internet is continually evolving and as good as ever tools will continue to turn out. I generally utilize the line’s top marketing tools and dependably vigilant for what works best!

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