I recently started reading the book “Influence”
It’s written by one of the world’s most sought
after experts on psychology, Robert Cialdini.
As I began reading, I came across something
that was a complete eye-opener…
I’ll share it with you. Cialdini said:
“You and I exist in an extraordinarily compli-
cated stimulus environment , easily the most
rapidly moving, and complex that has ever
existed on this planet.
To deal with it we need shortcuts.”
… And the truth is, he’s right.
We cannot live without shortcuts.
Think about it…
When you want to travel from one part of
the world to another – do you walk?
Of course not.
You drive, take a plan, train, or use some
sort of transportation.
You use a shortcut to get to where you
want to be.
The same holds true for almost all other
areas of your life as well…
Do you make your clothes or buy them?
Do you hunt and kill your food or buy it
ready made from the grocery store?
Do you try to put a nail in the wall with
your hands or do you use a hammer?
YES, this is also true for achieving the
financial independence and life you
desire and deserve.
… If I could pinpoint just one of the many
traits that every 6 and 7 figure earner has
in common, it’s this:
They all use shortcuts.
Think about it…
Why try to go at it alone and figure it out
by yourself – when someone has already
figured it out already?
It makes sense, right?
So, what are you going to decide to do?
Continue to go at it alone and waste your
time and money trying to “figure it out”..
Are you going to decide to shortcut your
journey to success by seeing and hearing
what has worked for others…
… And, can potentially work for you too?
I can’t make it for you.
If you want them, you can have them.
All you’ve got to do is make the decision.
The decision that winners make.
The decision to click this link and join us,
because this is where the shortcuts are at..

Richard La Compte


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