wordpress mlmIf you’re looking to take your network marketing business towards the next level online, think about creating a wordpress mlm blog as quickly as you are able to, simply because there is no less complicated, more rapid approach to get started than to create a blog for lead generation.

To many people the prospect of creating a site or blog is terrifying. All that technical stuff. But every little thing on WordPress is user friendly, you do not have to know anything about CSS, HTML or any other programming languages. Every thing is WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get. In case you know a bit about HTML that is even better.

How you can Setup a WordPress MLM Web site

So how do you construct out a wordpress mlm internet site? First you will need a domain name. A .com extension is usually preferable even though it could be extremely difficult to find precisely the name you want to use. As a word of caution, most multilevel marketing organizations forbid the use of their organization name anyplace within your domain name. By way of example I would be prohibited from using a name like AmwayRichardLaCompte.com. If in any doubt ask.

Anticipate to spend about $10 to $15 a year to get an excellent .com domain according to which registrar you use and also the extension you pick. Rates go up and down all the time.

The next factor you will need to have is hosting. Hosting is fundamentally the home exactly where your WordPress MLM site will reside and it’ll be served up to any person looking for it on the Internet. Should you only want one WordPress website you can get reliable hosting for less than 6 dollars a month.

Domain name – $10 and hosting – $10. So far you’ve come $20 out-of-pocket.

In most cases you may need to obtain a UNIX hosting account versus Windows hosting. UNIX hosting comes having a one-click install program you are able to use to obtain your new wordpress blog installed in less than five minutes. Most hosting providers will also possess a short video tutorial to walk you through the method.

Go over towards the button on the left that says Appearance and start exploring the hundreds of free designs that WordPress.org delivers. You could possibly uncover this essentially the most time-consuming part of creating a WordPress MLM web site.

Once you have selected your design then you have a few other options. Do you like your site to function like a blog? Or do you like it to appear like a standard website? Select a blog and people is going to be in a position to post comments immediately after your articles unless you turn comments off . Select a site and as opposed to adding content in the form of posts, you use pages as an alternative.

You’ll want a few basic pages which ever you choose. Constantly have an About Us page on your WordPress MLM site. Add a good skilled picture of your self smiling and a small information about your self. You also need to add a Contact Us page. This may contain your telephone number if you need to offer it out and an e-mail address, fax, mobile phone, address – whatever you’re comfy with.

Now you can start adding content. Entering it in to the WYSIWYG page you will see the manage panel is comparable to Microsoft Word. There’s a button for adding video easily and graphics and photographs. You’ll be able to even save your articles in draft form and come back to them later. In case you write quite a few posts you’ll be able to schedule each to be published on specified days.

Later you could wish to add a couple of plugins to improve the functionality of your site. This can be more of an advanced subject we’ll save for yet another post or article.  Meanwhile, search for recommended or popular plugins and you may be surprised to learn all, that you simply can do with a blog.

It’s time to go set up your first WordPress MLM blog. It is fun, quick and easy to do.

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