Richard La Compte - Blogging With GoodBuddyHello everybody, Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to build your business on the internet. It’s about five things and I’m going to help you to understand how lead generation systems work and whether or not you should consider using one for your business.

So first of all what are the main things that you need if you want to build your business on the internet, well first of all you’re going to need the targeted traffic we’ll talk more about that in a minute and you’re also going to need a free offer to give away to that traffic so you can drive them to give you their name and their email address this is typically called a lead magnet.

You also are going to need a capture page where they can put in their name and email address, put in their information to get that free giveaway.  You typically use a web page that is going to have a headline at the top explaining what the free giveaway is, enticing them to opt-in and as for where they can enter their name and their email address.

You also need a way to deliver that free giveaway so some sort of delivery mechanism which they will see on the next page after they put in their name and email address. It might be a video on the next page, might be a download button or you might even just email that free giveaway to them but either way you’re going to need some sort of way to create some simple web pages.

Primarily the main  two pages you’ll need are a capture page and a thank you page and if you’re anything like me you probably prefer to create those pages without having to do anything overly technical. I know I didn’t want to have to spend my time learning how to do an HTML and PHP and CSS and Elemental p and all of these other website codes and languages and I just want to be able to point and click and create a really nice looking web pages in a matter of minutes. So if you want that too then you’re going to need some sort of software that allows you to build web pages really simply and easily without any technical knowledge and the good news is there’s a lot of it out there and it’s really easy to use.

Finally, the last thing you really should have is an email autoresponder. For those of you who do not know what an autoresponder is, an email autoresponder is a service that allows you to do really two very important things, it allows you to broadcast emails out to large groups of people simultaneously like hundreds or thousands of people all at one time. If you don’t know, your regular email service will not allow you to do that.

Autoresponder will allow you to communicate with all of your leads simultaneously and you can set up automated emails that are triggered to go out on a set schedule based on each person’s activities, so for example let’s say that lead number one comes into your what we call the sales funnel they come in today and they put in their name and email address into your capture page to get your free giveaway they might get. They would get email number one within the first few minutes to deliver their free giveaway and then they might get email number 2 on the next day to follow up with them and make sure they downloaded it the day after that and get another follow-up email that gets sent out automatically to maybe continue building a relationship with them to give them more value, exposed them to your opportunity and so forth.

So they’re on their own schedule based on when they opted in and then let’s say that lead number two comes in and put his name and email address in for that same free giveaway, three days later he would be getting all of those exact same pre-written emails on his own schedule. So you write the emails once you do the work one time and then the autoresponder service follows up with each person on their own individual schedule and autoresponders are easy to use.

whiteboardReally quickly let me show you a visual of what this whole process looks like (image on left side).

1. So you would have Targeted Traffic, the people who would be interested in your business, your product, your service, and your opportunity.

2. You would give them a Free Offer (Lead Magnet), this would be in your #3.

3. Capture Page with a headline that entices them. Then they put in their name and email address.

4. Delivery Mechanism -Instantly two things happen as they go on to your email list where you can follow up with them if you got #5.

5. Autoresponder – It sends out the emails automatically without you having to be there and they go to a Thank you Page, also it could be a Sales Page so this page here could deliver the free giveaway. It could be a page that says “hey download by clicking the button below”, it could be a page that says “hey I just emailed you your free giveaway now check out this product that I think you might really like”, so you can make them an offer on this sales page.

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The other thing that happens, if they don’t buy right away, which most people won’t right? Most people will not buy immediately when they come in to your sales funnel, that’s why we want to get them onto your list, and what a lot of marketers want to do is they want to send traffic straight to their presentation and bypass the capture page. Well most people are not gonna buy right away and you just lost all of that traffic. You can’t do anything to follow up with them, we want to give him something away for free.

Number 1, it starts to build a relationship and get them to like us and number 2, it gets them on ourwhiteboard4 email list where we can follow up. That’s what we really want to do because the power is in this follow-up and so they didn’t buy, now, we can send them back to the sales page again we can give them more information if they weren’t ready to buy the first time. And then of course they come out the other side of this system, what we call a sales funnel, as sales or money and obviously this is a very basic diagram to just help you kind of wrap your head around the whole process.

I have a small but very very important thing that I change/add to this model but honestly has made all the difference for me and I’ll tell you more about that in a moment but what I want right now is to keep this whole thing simple for illustration purposes so…

Let’s start with Targeted Traffic

You have to know who you want to attract and what problems these people have so that you know what free things to bribe them with to get them to give you their name and their email address and here is the absolute best advice I’ve ever gotten on how to select a targeted audience.

The people who are most likely to buy your thing are people who have a history of buying similar things in the past or they’re actively searching for them. I’m going to say that one more time, the people who are most likely to buy your product or service are people who have a history of buying similar products and services in the past or they’re actively searching for it now.  For example, if you wanted to attract business Builders to join your network marketing business and build a team with you in other words you want to attract entrepreneurs, you would target people who have a history of being entrepreneurs, you would target other business owners, this has created the most amount of success for me with this particular strategy.

Let me ask you a quick question to help you understand why this strategy works, who would you count on to put in the work, invest the money and do what it takes to build your business on the internet and help you to build a massive team, would you put your money and your hopes on somebody whose broke, somebody who knows nothing about building a business, somebody who’s starting from Ground Zero? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those people, they can have success too, but if I had to put my money on one group or another, would you put your money on them or on somebody who already knows what it takes to be successful in business, somebody who already has a proven track record of being motivated starting businesses putting in the work, overcoming the hurdles.

For me, I would much rather work with the second group of people. I hope that you understand my reasoning for that and I assume that you would as well so let me ask you a question what do existing business owners struggle with? What can I give them to attract them to me? Well I wouldn’t offer them a new business right away I would attract them to me by helping them with their existing business. I would teach them maybe how to get more traffic to their website, how to get more leads, how to make more sales, right?

You don’t lead with your business opportunity to attract these kind of people, that wouldn’t work. What other people are trying to do is, they create a capture page that says something like “hey put in your name and email address and learn all about my ground floor opportunity or opt-in to discover how to make thousands of dollars a second”. What are they doing? They’re leading with hype and they’re leading with an obvious sales pitch, number one, this rarely works and in the few instances when it does work and you get a lead it usually only attracts desperate gullible people who are looking for like a get rich quick thing some quick way to make a buck without doing any work. They usually won’t join coz they don’t have any money and even if they do join they usually quit once they find out they’re not going to get rich quick.

This is actually a real business that you have to work at, you have to put effort into and develop skills. So for me if I want to attract high-quality prospects, people who actually have experience with building a business, people who know the work and the dedication that it takes to succeed, I’m not going to lead with my business opportunity, what I do instead, I lead with information that would attract other successful business owners to me and then only after I’ve helped them solve a problem in their existing business, after I’ve built some trust, I built a little bit of a relationship with them, then I see if they’re open to taking a look at other ways of diversifying their income.

So, please understand attraction marketing is not about leading with your opportunity, it’s about leading with information that would attract the people you want to work with in your opportunity. I hope that that distinction makes sense for you so this is why I personally got my start online by using an attraction Marketing System called ClickFunnels. Why, because they already have most of this process set up for me they already have 1. giveaways, they already have 2. capture pages created, they already have 3. products that they can sell that would attract other entrepreneurs, the exact people that I want to work with, they already have 4. delivery mechanism, they already have 5. email autoresponder. They already have this entire infrastructure in place. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t eventually build some of your own infrastructure, ClickFunnels will teach you how to do that if you want to dive deeper.

When I’m first getting started, programs like ClickFunnels already have capture pages built that I can simply Drive traffic to and I get to keep the lead of people opting in. They’re my lead I can follow up with them. ClickFunnels then has products that I can sell these entrepreneurs to help them in creating more success in their existing business. So, even if they say no to my opportunity and most people are going to say no to your opportunity anyway right?  If they’re already happy with what they’re already doing ClickFunnels will then sell them other products and you get to make a commission on those additional product and what this does is, it allows you to stay profitable while you’re building your business. It allows you to make money even from the people who say no to your primary offer and for those of you who maybe out there and you’re saying Richard, I really only want to attract product users I’m not really interested in business Builders as much as I want to show people my product. Cool,  awesome! ClickFunnels also serves as a complete training system where you can learn how to get traffic, create your own lead magnets and basically create this entire structure for yourself. So here’s the thing, when I was first starting out I didn’t have my own giveaway yet I didn’t have my own capture page, I didn’t have my own emails to send out to follow up with people so instead I use the ClickFunnels and I leveraged all of their resources to attract like-minded entrepreneurs to me until I was able to create some of the structure on my own.

In the meantime be sure to click on the related posts below and If you like this blog and you got value from it and you’re excited to learn more, I’d love to hear from you. Take a second to give me a quick message in the comment box below. I really do try to read them, I try to respond to each and every comment. So post a comment if you got value from today’s blog and feel free to share it if you like and I will see you guys on my next blog.

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Richard La Compte

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