The most important reason to build your list is to optimize the value of your customers and your company revenue. In addition it can give you an additional revenue opportunity. This is the reason to why it is important to spend your time with building a subscribers list!

The first challenge that you will encounter is to have your readers sign up on your list as well as making them happy to stay on your list! Subscribers are most of times more active in the first month that they signed up. Focus on getting top quality leads on your list and let the numbers grow as your business grows.

Convert first time Visitors into Subscribers

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There are many strategies for building a successful list, a major key is to have knowledge of your target audience and giving them content or services that they need. If you pay attention to your readers and plan to reach them, you need to follow evolving trends and movements. Work hard to continually add a clean user subscription list, and send out newsletters based on their information interest.

The most common place to find email subscribers is on your website itself. Whenever users visit your website, they have an interest in the information or service that you provide. Include a sign up list on every page of your website, every visitor to your site is a potential subscriber.

Build your email list using Search Engines Traffic (Organic and Paid)

Most of successful email lists have been created using search engines as the primary method for recruiting subscribers. Using search engine marketing to build an email list is quite effective, you can do this by creating landing pages connected to your email list, that are optimized for organic or paid searches.

Integrating email subscriptions

One of the smartest ways to gather email leads is to integrate email subscription in your services and product usage. The most basic guideline is to require an email to sign up on your website. The will bring you qualified leads signing up via email, and you have an audience that already shown interest in your content and services.

Social Media

Social media is becoming a popular form of customer retention as well as establishing a brand for your name. There are many options on Social Media to add your opt-in form. Most often, clients have a custom app that syncs with your network. With the right motivation, and properly designed sign up forms, social media leads can be turned into high converting email marketing leads.

Work on building up the relationship with your customers

A welcome message is the first email subscribers get from you after signing up. It is the perfect moment to start working on your relationship with your subscriber(customer). It is common to give out freebies and tips, as this will be an incentive for your readers to stay on your list. By letting them know they have more content to look forward to, this will increase their desire to stay on your list.

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Why do I need to Build a Subscribers List ?

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