Cash FX versus Mirror Trading International

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Forward to the 43 minute mark to see the Cash FX versus MTI comparison.

The Satoshi Show presents a full MTI opportunity presentation followed by a Comparison between the popular online opportunity, Cash FX and Mirror Trading International.

We present the FACTS…like them or not! If you are into making money online then you are not going to want to miss this!

In this Super Saturday team training video you will hear about a phenomenal program that allows you to earn a lot of bitcoin very quickly!

The Mirror Trading International program is our number #1 pick for earning passive rewards in 2020 and beyond! What I like most about this company is that it is bitcoin in and bitcoin out.

The forex broker they use is FX Choice which is one of the few exchanges in the world that trades with bitcoin denominated accounts meaning that your bitcoin is never exchanged for fiat currency, so if the price of bitcoin goes up then the trading value of your account also goes up allowing you to earn on both the appreciation of your bitcoin as well as earning on your forex trading returns.

The other selling point for me is that there is no lock in period on your funds. You can put your bitcoin into the trading pool today and pull it out tomorrow if you decide too.

The icing on the cake is that your maximum risk is 8% of your funds. Johann has a hard stop built into the AI trading bot that shuts down all trading if the drawdown ever hits 8%. I asked what has been the maximum drawdown to date and he states 3.8%, so this program is a real gem.

This AI bot is a true high frequency trading program just like the big banks use as he states that it places up to 500 trades per day.

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Mirror Trading International versus Cash FX
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